Equine Reproduction

At Allegheny Equine, we are pleased to provide a wide range of equine reproduction services for both the mare and stallion owner. From routine evaluations to the more complex examinations and techniques, our veterinarians are experienced and continually updating their knowledge to help you have the most successful breeding season possible.

Looking through a microscope | Equine Reproduction
Reproduction services from Allegheny Equine | Equine Reproduction

Mare Reproduction Services

Our mare services include breeding soundness exams, uterine cultures, cytology and biopsies, intrauterine treatments, video endoscopy of the uterus, artificial insemination with fresh, cooled or frozen semen and embryo transfer. At our clinic your mare can be boarded during her breeding cycle and monitored as often as needed, treated when necessary and bred with optimum timing. The following spring we can supervise your mare’s foaling. Our facilities are equipped with video cameras and the Foal Alert system.

Stallion Reproduction Services

Our stallion services include breeding soundness exams and semen collection for evaluation, cooled shipment and freezing. Frozen semen storage is also available.