Our Services

At Allegheny Equine, our practice is dedicated to the highest quality care for the equine patient. Our doctors are “horse people” themselves and have chosen this profession out of desire and interest in improving the condition of their patients. Our doctors and animal health technicians are committed to serving the horse owner in a professional and compassionate manner. Together with our office and support staff, we strive to provide education, services, and compassion to our clients.

We provide the highest quality in equipment available to enable our staff to give the horse owner the best diagnostic and treatment options available. All doctors and staff are highly trained in equine medical care and the successful recovery of many of our medical and emergency cases reflect the dedication of our staff. We pride ourselves in the fact that if we cannot fully attend to our patient’s total needs, we will help the owner get the diagnosis and treatment needed by consultation with leading experts in the field. We would like every owner to feel that they were attended to by knowledgeable caregivers, their horses received the highest quality care available, and that the services were delivered in a friendly and compassionate manner.

Ambulatory and Emergency Care

Ambulatory and Emergency Care is the founding basis of Allegheny Equine. We provide a wide range of services on the farm from routine preventative care to investigation of health or lameness issues to 24-hour emergency care. Our Ambulatory Service is based out of and supported by our hospital facility and staff.

Equine Medicine

Allegheny Equine’s Internal Medicine and ICU services offer us the opportunity to provide advanced medical care, both in the field and through hospitalization, to help allow horses to lead longer, healthier and more productive lives.

Equine Lameness

Lameness is one of the most common causes of decreased performance in our equine athletes, whether a national champion or a pasture pet. Our veterinarians will perform a thorough examination, which often includes flexion tests and diagnostic nerve or joint blocks. This examination, a good history and the proper diagnostic imaging (digital radiography and ultrasound) allows us to identify the area of concern and proceed to making a treatment plan.

Equine Reproduction

At Allegheny Equine, we are pleased to provide a wide range of reproductive services for both the mare and stallion owner. From routine evaluations to the more complex examinations and techniques, our veterinarians are experienced and continually updating their knowledge to help you have the most successful breeding season possible.

Integrative Therapies

Integrative therapies such as Chiropractics and Acupuncture have become common veterinary tools to help maintain our patients health and peak performance. Dr. Dara Brown has had extensive training in these two specialties and provides these services to our clients.

Equine Dentistry

Dental health care is an integral part of our equine wellness program. Allegheny Equine is pleased to provide basic and advanced dental care for horses of all ages.

Equine Imaging

Imaging has become an integral part of equine veterinary medicine. Lameness exams routinely require radiographs and ultrasounds of the affected limb. Advanced medical diagnostics frequently involve endoscopy or ultrasound to evaluate organ systems and monitor response to therapies. At Allegheny Equine we have multiple systems that are able to go out into the field for on-the-farm evaluation or in-the-clinic advanced techniques.