1How do emergency services work?
You may reach one of our office staff during office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5p.m. After hours, call our regular office number and you will be connected with our emergency answering service. We always have two veterinarians (one ambulatory and one in hospital) available on call 24/7.
2Do you see horses at their farms or just at the clinic? How far do your vets travel?:
We provide services both on the farm as well as here, at our clinic. Some services (ie. Reproduction services) are mostly done at the clinic for scheduling and safety reasons. Please see the list of services that can be performed by our team. For routine appointments, our doctors will travel 40 driving miles from our clinic, located here in Murrysville.
3Do you offer surgical services? What surgeries do you perform?
We offer some surgical services such as laceration and wound repair, mass removals, castrations and enucleations. We refer out cryptorchid castrations, colic surgeries, arthroscopies and hernia repairs facilities with board certified surgeons.
4How many vets are in your practice?
We are currently a 7 doctors practice with 2 veterinary interns.
5Am I able to work with a single vet for all of my horse’s care?
For all routine care, you may request and schedule with any doctor you choose. Calling to schedule your appointments in advance will allow you more flexibility to get the time and the vet of your choosing. However, when you have an emergency, you will connected with the on call veterinarian. This veterinarian will have access to your horse’s records in our computer system.
6How do I refill a prescription?
To refill a prescription, call into our office to speak with one of our office staff. If you use an online pharmacy, set us as your veterinarian, and have the pharmacy reach out to us for approval.
7What is the difference between an extern and an intern?
An intern is a fully licensed, graduated veterinarian employed by Allegheny Equine. They have chosen to advance their education in horses after graduation by spending a year at AE to gain experience and knowledge through mentorship. They are always supported by a senior clinician when they are on call. At AE we feel strongly about supporting new graduates in their pursuit of equine medicine and are very proud of our graduates through the years. An extern is a student, seeking to get hands-on experience and explore areas of interest.
8Do you have a wellness program? If not, do you call with vaccine reminders?
For individuals who keep their horses at home or on their own property, we offer Spring Preventative Care Days (or PCDs), that are days offered in a small, select area at a discounted farm call. If you want to schedule a specific day or with a specific doctor we can schedule you a routine appointment. For our boarding barns, vaccines and spring wellness work is typically scheduled by your barn owner or manager. Please check with your barn owner on what is REQUIRED for you to be at their facility, and what is optional. We do not currently send out vaccine reminders.
9What services can be provided on the farm and in clinic?
Allegheny Equine offers a wide variety of services ranging from reproductive work, lameness, medicine, intensive care, dentistry, chiropractic/acupuncture to routine wellness work. A more detailed list of our services can be found at our website : www.alleghenyequine.net If you have questions on whether we offer a particular service that you don’t see listed, call into our office and someone will be happy to get you the information you need.
10Do you offer payment plans? Can I make more than one payment? What options do I have for payment?
We are a pay-at-time-of-service veterinary practice, and so payment is required either at the appointment in the form of cash or check, or calling ahead to put a card on file with us. We accept Visa, Discover and Mastercard, as well as CareCredit.