Ambulatory and Emergency Care

Wide Range of Services at Your Barn

Ambulatory and Emergency Care is the founding basis of Allegheny Equine. We provide a wide range of services on the farm from routine preventative care to investigation of health or lameness issues to 24-hour emergency care. Our Ambulatory Service is based out of and supported by our hospital facility and staff.

Emergency vehicles ready to travel to your barn. | Allegheny Equine - Ambulatory and Emergency Care

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Preventative Care – Vaccinations, Coggins Testing (EIA), Health Certificates, Fecal Egg Counts and Parasite Deworming protocols specific to your horse and barn.
  • Dental Care – Oral Examination, Teeth Floating, Wolf
  • Evaluation and Treatment of Medical or Lameness Health Issues, including Ultrasound, Radiographs and endoscopy
  • Specialty Exams including Ophthalmic, Endoscopic and New Foal Examinations
  • Pre-purchase Examination
  • Integrative Therapies : Acupuncture and Chiropractic Examination and Treatment
  • Reproductive Examinations, Breeding and Treatments
  • Colic Evaluation and Treatment
  • Wound Care, Treatment and Repair
  • Surgery – Castrations, tumor removals, laceration repairs and cryotherapy
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Regenerative Therapies – IRAP, PRP
  • Shockwave and Mesotherapy
  • Show Horse and Event Veterinary Coverage
| Allegheny Equine - Ambulatory and Emergency Care
Emergency Services that come to you. | Allegheny Equine - Ambulatory and Emergency Care

Our in-house clinical laboratory allows our veterinarians to bring blood and other samples back to the clinic for quick results to expedite diagnosis and treatment options. Our Coggins Tests are also run in our lab and we offer a STAT Coggins with a 24-hour turn around. If your horse requires more intensive care or monitoring then can be done on the farm, our hospital is available and is supported by our dedicated technicians.

Our emergency service is available 24 hours, 365 days a year. Call now: 724-325-4615.