Equine Medicine

Allegheny Equine’s Internal Equine Medicine and Isolation Unit allows us to provide advanced medical care to the horse with the goal of allowing them to lead longer, healthier and more productive lives by managing acute and chronic medical conditions. 

Equine Medicine
Equine Medicine practiced | Equine Medicine

At our facilities, patients visit for:

  • Out-patient evaluations or procedures such as wellness visits
  • Intermediate care such as wound management, daily administration of medications , supportive care during an illness, foaling out of pregnant mares.
  • Intensive care and advanced diagnostics for critical illnesses such as colic, diarrhea, pneumonia, advanced ophthalmic and dental conditions, neonatal ICU
  • Isolation for horses with potentially contagious diseases

Equine Medicine Facility Features

We have multiple treatment areas that are temperature controlled, a computerized medical record system that allows our staff to be more efficient with patient care, 24 hour support staff and cameras for remote monitoring by our veterinarians.

Our full service in-house laboratory allows us to run critical blood work immediately to provide a quick diagnosis and timely monitoring.