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January 2, 2018
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September 23, 2020

Preventative Care Days 2019

Spring will be here soon! It will be time for vaccinations and preparing for the next riding season.  Here at Allegheny Equine we are aware that the cost of preventative care for your horse increases each year. Knowing that finances play a role in our clients’ decisions, we are offering our Annual Preventative Care Days. We hope this program will save you money and still allow your horses to benefit from very important annual preventative health care procedures.

Starting in March, Allegheny Equine will be scheduling a veterinarian in a limited geographic area to perform preventative health care services including: annual exams, vaccines, fecal egg counts, deworming, sheath/udder cleanings, Coggins testing, dental exams and dental floats. If you sign up for the designated day we are in your area, your farm call will only be $28 dollars per client (regular farm call price is $65-75).  By keeping our vet in a smaller region, this will decrease our fuel costs and drive time and these savings can be passed on to you.  This program is for individuals, not large boarding barns where farm calls are already split amongst multiple clients.

The staff at Allegheny Equine invests significant time and effort redesigning our preventative health care program each year. Changes in vaccines and vaccine technology require updating protocols to keep pace with changing conditions. Adapting deworming programs to reflect the ever-evolving potential parasitic risk and providing the best dental preventatives are also at the forefront of an active health care program. Assessments of your newborns, yearlings and older horse populations for problems inherent in those age groups are recommended to prevent future issues. Farm visits allow our veterinarians to observe your animals in their home environment and to administer vaccinations and complete other procedures at your farm. Observation of your horses’ habitat and feed sources can help the veterinarian make recommendations that aid in keeping your horses fit and healthy.

These Preventative Care Days provide the client with a significant savings, but it also requires forethought, organization and communication on both the client and our part.

To take part in Preventative Care Days, please read the following details:

  • All scheduling must be done at least 4 days in advance. Days fill up on a first come first serve basis.
  • We ask that you are flexible with your appointment time. When you call in you can select the day that best works for you. Then 2 days before your appointment you will receive a call or email with a 2-hour window of time as to when the doctor will arrive. On the day of your appointment, you will receive a call when the doctor is in route to your farm.
  • Payment is required at the time of service in the form of cash, check or credit card to be run that day.
  • Services provided on these days will be annual exams, vaccines, fecal egg counts, deworming, sheath/udder cleanings, Coggins testing, dental exams and dental floats. Any additional services needed (eye exams, lameness exams, illness etc.) will require a regular scheduled appointment on another day.
  • You will not be able to pick your doctor. There will be a designated veterinarian for that day and region.
  • We will need 4 clients scheduled per region to run a Wellness Day so talk to your neighbors! We will also add dates for regions if the original days fill to capacity. Slots fill on a first come first serve basis.

Below you will find a schedule of where we will be on specific dates. If you have questions about Preventative Care Days or would like to schedule an appointment for a particular day, please call us at 724-325-4615.


Date Region
Wed Mar 20th
Sat Apr 13th
Wed May 29th
1-, Kittanning, Ford City, Sarver, Freeport, Cabot, Natrona Heights, Tarentum (north west of the river and east of Little Deer Creek Valley Road)
Tues Apr 2nd
Tues May 7th
Sat Apr 27th
2-Indiana (West of 119), Shelocta, Elderton, Homer City, Clarksburg
Mon Mar 25th
Sat Apr 6th
Mon Apr 29th
Mon Jun 3rd
3-Butler (south of 422), Renfrew, Evans City, Mars (North of 228), Saxonburg
 Thur Mar 21st
Thur Apr 11th
Thur May 16th
Sat May 25th
 4-Sewickley, Cranberry Twp, Wexford, Badon, Valencia, Gibsonia (west of Little Deer Creek Valley Road and South of 228)
Fri Mar 15th
Fri Apr 12th
Fri May 17th
Sat Jun 15th
5 – New Kensington, Tarentum (south east of the river), Lower Burrell, Leechburg, Plum, Apollo, Export, Saltsburg, Avonmore.
 Wed Apr 3rd
Wed May 1st
Sat May 18th
6- Delmont, New Alexandria, Blairsville, Greensburg, Derry, Ligonier
Thur Mar 28th
Thur Apr 11th
Sat May 11th
Thur May 23rd
7-New Stanton (North of 70, West of 66), West Newton, Irwin, Elizabeth, Trafford, Harrison City, Jeanette
Thur Mar 14th
Sat Mar 30th
Thur April 18th
Thur May 16th
 8 – Mount Pleasant, Scottsdale, Acme (South of 70 but within 40 miles of clinic)