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August 4, 2022

October 2022 Gastroscope Month

Have you been wondering if your horse has gastric ulcers? Has your horse had unexplained behavior changes, poor condition, or decreased performance?

At the Clinic:

Gastroscope -$270 (regularly $399) plus, sedation (approximately $55-$65).  Your horse will need to be dropped off the day prior (before 6pm).  We will have complimentary stabling for your horse’s overnight stay and will manage their fasting preparations for the gastroscope.

On the Farm:

1 Horse: Gastroscope – $320 (regularly $399) plus, Sedation (approximately $55-$65) and Farm Call ($86-$96) depending on your location.

2 or more horses at the same location: Gastroscope -$270 (regularly $399) plus, sedation (approximately $55-$65) and split Farm Call. This requires the owner and barn to be responsible for the fasting. If the horse isn’t properly fasted, the client will still be responsible for the price of the procedure.

The first follow up recheck gastroscope will be priced at the discounted price.

Schedule by calling 724-325-4615

Download our Gastroscope Month Flyer