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February 4, 2014
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February 4, 2014

Equine Chiropractic – What is it and when can it help?

Most people have heard of equine chiropractic or have even seen it performed. However, when asked to describe what it is, most individuals struggle to articulate what is really being done to their horse. As equine chiropractic is a relatively new and developing field, there are many misconceptions as to what is, and what is not, actual chiropractic care.

Chiropractic philosophy is centered around the spine, but truly affects the entire body. The goal of chiropractic care is to restore range of motion to all joints in the body, and therefore improve overall nervous system function. This is accomplished by taking each joint through its normal range of motion and performing an adjustment if the joint does not move properly. The level of force, angle of correction, and body position of both the horse and doctor are extremely important for a safe and effective adjustment.

How do you know if your horse could benefit from chiropractic? Traditionally, chiropractic has been used for back and neck pain in horses. However, it can be used in a variety of other cases. Certain lameness and poor performance can sometimes be helped with chiropractic care, as well as some behavioral issues. Horses are masters of compensation, and while an issue can be outwardly displayed as one thing, it can be caused by problem in an entirely different area of the body. The best way to find out if your horse could benefit from chiropractic care is to have a chiropractic exam performed.

An initial chiropractic examination and adjustment can take around 45 minutes, with follow up adjustments taking a slightly shorter amount of time. Dr. Dara Brown is currently undergoing advanced training in equine chiropractic care. This intensive, five month course at Options for Animals in Kansas is only open to veterinarians and doctors of chiropractic.

Call our office at 724-325-4615 to schedule an appointment for an examination with Dr. Brown to see if your horse would benefit from chiropractic care.